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Rock, Hard Rock,
Metal, and Country

Let’s make a record together.

No project is too big or too small.  Music is not just our profession, it’s our passion.  We specialize in Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, and Country music.  We are also open to any style of music requiring live instruments.  For digital music including hip-hop, R&B, and other sounds outside of our specialty, contact us we can get you with the best of the best in the area!

In 2003, our first studio started in Woodbridge.  I (Ron) was a young man then.  My friends in high school and after jammed and made great music in this studio.  Fast forward 15+ years and the studio has been recreated as a professional environment while still holding on to its decades old roots of our start.

We provide a comfortable, and productive environment with a wide array of capabilities, microphones and other creative audio toys, all wired and ready to go when inspiration strikes.


Mixing & Mastering

Mixing of previously recorded tracks, full sessions, home recordings, or even live captures

Provide the mixed tone YOU are searching for 

Master your tracks to achieve that industry-leading sound that is required

Post & Film

ADR/Voiceover capabilities for Film, Radio, TV, and many other applications

Sound restoration and mixing of on-set recorded sound

Sound design based on your project.  With the ability to pull in multi-track sessions, video projects, and the like and mix sessions directly to video projects

Recording & Editing

Presonus Studio One DAW used in all productions with the ability to pull from many other DAWs

Multi-channel input capabilities with modeling allowing reference microphones to mimic a large amount of industry-leading microphones, preamps, EQs, and compression hardware

Faderport 16 providing superior control of workflow as well as mixing capabilities

Amp modeling to provide an extremely wide range of capable tones without having to lug around giant, expensive, and somewhat unavailable hardware

Interested in getting your project done at the next level? Let's Talk.​

"Ron's production work is of the very highest caliber, competitive with anyone working in the professional broadcasting, music, film, or television industries. It goes beyond mere competence; what he offers is attention to detail. Every detail, every time."

Ben Failer - Radio Show Host

"Ron West is Professional Audio Engineering at it’s finest. I have worked alongside Ron for many years and have seen him evolve in his audio both in show production and post. Some of his creative endeavors include Video Production with his Keytone Productions brand and have brought upon some very unique projects I have yet to see from others in the field. If you don’t believe this review I strongly recommend you to google grade A qualities in audio engineers and I can bet you Ron can answer everything you fear of in worse case audio engineering scenarios and give you peace of mind when working with him."

Kent Villavicencio - Owner at Greentpyro Productions, LLC. "GTP"

About Us

Why do we exist?

We exist for one reason and for one reason only; to help artists in ways no facility has ever been able to while delivering a quality far beyond the cost.  Let's be honest here, the industry has changed in a way that none of us will likely ever be able to change back.  The days of A&Rs coming to local music venues to scope out local talent and put gobs of money behind them, sending them to the most exclusive facilities in the world is over.  What record labels want now is to see you show them everything already put together at the highest level.

For the most part that means artists such as yourself must self-fund your recordings, music videos, photography, graphic artwork, and any other factors needed.  This can get extremely expensive and that is where WE come in.

One good side of all of this is that the technology in this industry has skyrocketed making the availability of hardware capable of superior sonic capability is at a fraction of the cost of the old stuff.  This means that studios such as ours are able to deliver top industry-level results without breaking your bank.  This translates in to cost savings as our facility doesn't have to charge astronomical rates to make up for massive investments! Our facility exists to provide the superior quality and comfortable atmosphere you desire as an artist to be the most creative without worrying about dropping huge sums of money to complete your project.

Whether you are looking for a single, an EP, or a full album, our capabilities put the industry quality at your fingertips at a much more affordable rate than any competitor, local or otherwise.  Check out our services and contact us to see what we mean when we say affordable! 

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Where: Woodbridge, VA 22193


Phone: 703-580-6741

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